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Creative Minds Organisation is a not-for-profit organisation in the city of Hull, that uses creative art and skills like sewing and handmade crafts to create employment, share skills, life experiences, companionship, healthy relationships and cultural well-being, improving the quality of life for people in the community.

Creative Minds strives to be a centre of excellence for learning and development of skills in sewing and handmade crafts within the fashion/design industry by providing training, workshops, mentor-ship for support and providing employable skills.

The organisation was launched in 2016 by a dedicated team of teachers, a fashion designer, artist, experts working with vulnerable adults and children; each with a unique visual culture. We help to equip people with the confidence to apply for jobs and also gain industry experience that may be prerequisite for a particular job. The organisation hire a large and well-equipped sewing and design studio at Spring Bank, Hull where their registered office is for training and workshops.

The classes and training are free for those who are eligible. We offer opportunities mainly to the unemployed and disadvantaged people to build their skills and confidence, so that they can get back into education or employment. We embed functional skills in sewing, textile, traditional art, accessories, bag making and up-cycling.

Our main objective is for people to use their new-learned skills to create employment and/or hobbies by offering specific individualised advice and guidance. It is a forum for learning and design, free-hand and sewing skills, that are no longer taught in the majority of schools.

Creative Minds are the organisers of African fashion Week Hull (www.africafashionweekhull.com), an annual event that bring together upcoming designers & fashion students from colleges, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their work and collections. Creative Minds also organises the African Textile and Art Exhibition, an annual group exhibition featuring a variety of artists.

We look forward to collaborating with organisations, individuals, designers, professionals and brands that are committed to empowering the community through artistic designs and trendy fashions, leading to an increase in economic opportunities for the art industry at large.

Creative Minds Hull

About Us

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